WISMA GEYLANG SERAI, cultural centre

Size: approx. 17,000 sqm
Status: Competition Entry

Envisioned as a community lifestyle hub with a culturally distinct character, the proposed WGS draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of olden day Geylang Serai, popularly known for its settlement of Malay kampungs. Back then, the typical Malay kampung house consisted of a pitched roof hut on slits. Many of these kampung houses would be clustered randomly together within the village compound, amidst the plantation.

The proposed WGS celebrates this distinct cultural heritage by drawing a conceptual reference from the kampung in a contemporary fashion. Public programs are housed in pitched roof boxes that are arranged loosely and elevated on columns. These 'kampung' boxes are nestled amidst a lushly planted greenscape that terraces upwards to form a 'green' screen shielding the more private spaces. The looseness of the kampung boxes and the naturally-ventilated void deck spaces below promote a sense of community, which is further enforced by the plaza space on the 1st storey. This plaza connects seamlessly to the pedestrian mall along Geylang Road and integrates with a drainable and reflective pool within the site.


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