Archifest Pavilion

Competition Entry, Singapore Archifest Pavilion 2018


The Lepak Pavilion seeks to inject fun into the lives of the typical Singaporean by inserting a playful light-spirited architecture into a context where heroic, spectacular architectural works surround it. This contrast serves to remind us that in the midst of our stressful fast-paced environment, it is important also to enjoy precious light-hearted moments where we can relax a little, enjoy life a bit, socialise, laugh more, slow down and take in the view. This spirit is captured succinctly in the Singlish slang ‘Lepak’ which means to relax and do nothing.

The design comprises two white cube-like volumes that seem to be melting into the ground. These 2 volumes form the indoor spaces required: the seminar space, the workshop space and the sponsor exhibition areas. A large amorphous platform floor creates space and possibilities for activities to spill out, blurring the line between the formal demarcations of the built environment. By blending the walls and the platform floor, a singular surface appears to form this pavilion. This surface is painted white that it may become a ‘Blank Canvas' for all the other activities to act onto.

Objects of the everyday invoke the memories of the common man in the street. The pavilion seeks to celebrate these non-spectacular objects by transplanting them onto the Blank Canvas of the pavilion, juxtaposed against the sea of its spectacular, pristine surroundings.These common everyday furniture and fixtures are seen in new light by rendering them white and placing them randomly throughout the surfaces of the pavilion.

The innards of the two volumes are painted in Multi-coloured Spectrums: red (warm) and blue (cool). As people interact with the space, they are free to adjust the furniture from the two zones and spill into the white zone, thus drawing on the blank canvas. From the outside the interior spectrum of colours contrast the stark whiteness creating a sense of wonder and surprise, akin to a Rainbow Cake where the colours of the cake are discovered joyfully only upon cutting up the white cake.

Rendering all the surfaces of the pavilion in white paint allows the opportunity for the pavilion to evolve over time, in accordance with the needs of the users. Blank surfaces double up as spaces for projection movie screens, artistic experimentation, visible signage, lighting displays and more, creating a vibrant, pulsating heart in the city.

The pavilion seeks to promote sustainability through the recycling of the used paint cans into stools and planters. The platform can possibly be constructed using formwork plywood which can be reused as formwork for casting concrete. Used furniture will be given a new coat of white paint, giving these pre-loved items a second life.

Utilisation of Sponsorship Materials:

The design capitalises on the sponsorship of free building materials provided : unlimited ‘Gyproc' interior partition walls and AkzoNobel ‘Dulux' paints. By covering the 'Gyproc' partitions with the sealant and weathershield paint provided by Dulux, the partitions become suitable for exterior walls (and possibility even the roof and platform flooring). Thus most of the building materials required for this temporary pavilion is mostly sponsored and the tight budget can be achieved. Furthermore, the wow factor for this project will be achieved using Dulux paints: the white Blank Canvas and the Multi-coloured Spectrum interior walls/floors.

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