Cambodia Residential Tower

Size: 9,500 sqm
Status:  On hold.

The client's brief was to design an iconic contemporary residential tower for a significant new development in the central area of Phnom Phen, with a unit mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units. Duplexes with large double volume spaces were requested.
Our design explores the creation of duplexes with large double volume corner-balconies with 180 degree panoramic views. These duplexs were reconfigured as triplex - one full level and two half levels. The plans were arranged so each unit can be stacked on top of each other by flipping the plan. This flipping of the unit is combined with fluid curves that express on the facade the outlines of each unit, creating a complex and dramatic facade while remaining essentially modular and thus possible to construct using prefabrication technology. The sweeping curves also serve as structural arches to create column free corner-balconies. These balconies are large and open and can possibly be planted with large trees, becoming a private sky garden.

Every apartment is separated from other units to ensure maximum privacy for each resident and each balcony, even with its panaromic views, does not have another balcony overlooking it. The building is designed to be low energy, with every unit being well shaded with deep eaves and naturally ventilation is planned for all areas including the building cores and public spaces. Lush greenery is planted on the sky terraces which rises and fall creating an undulating urban landscape.