Ecopolitan Apartment

Size: 160 sqm
Status: In progress

This penthouse apartment with a lofty double-volume living-dining space is renovated for a young couple. An existing bedroom is subsumed into the living-dining space, allowing the dining space to occupy the entire double-volume central space meant originally for both the dining and living areas. This design explores the sublime and celebrates the grandness of this space with a long dining table and dining bench, with a super-sized art which is made of book-matched marble slabs. Full height curtains that drapes dramatically and a dramatic lighting feature commands this central space. Timber flooring and ceiling adds to the cosiness and warmness of the spaces. Light coloured woods add an airiness to the space, while thin structures in black add contrast and accents. Flamed and brushed granite is used for the TV wall in the living room, while matt laminate panels cover the master bedroom wall.