Size: 6000 sqft

Status: In progress

Our clients came to us with the requirement to maximise the plot and to provide extensive storage and display shelves for their extensive collection of items. In addition, the husband has a strong preference for black interiors. The husband also wants an attic office cum music DJing space. Our architectural design inserts a mezzanine level that has a dramatic display shelving area visible from the living area. Hidden behind this display wall is extensive storage, a guest room and a staircase to the private areas on the upper storeys. Dividing the house into 3 distinct zones - a luxurious living space (ground floor and mezzanine), cosy family area (2nd storey), the urban Loft (Attic), these 3 zones are separated and articulated by 3 different staircases. The first stair is a galvanised metal staircase that flow from the living to the mezzanine. The second is a secret stairs to the family area and bedroom levels. The last is an expanded metal mesh stairs to the Loft. Each of these 3 spaces have distinct characters: Luxurious, Cosy and Raw respectively. The interiors expresses these 3 areas by the use of materials. Marble and metal is generously used on the luxurious living areas, Timber is used in the family areas, and steel and glass is used for the Loft area. The extensive use of black colour for the interiors is extended to the exteriors where the entire building has a stealthy black finish. Though dark and broody, the use of "light" elements such as screens and clear glass gives the form a sense of lightness. Light permeates the interiors through large windows, metal screens mirror ceilings and also skylights so that even though the interiors are blackish, it never feels moody nor oppresive.