Size: 410 sqm
Status: Completed 2018

This clients are doctors and in particular they specialise in skin. Our design play on the idea of "skin", and we wrap the interiors with skin-toned beech woods that become porous breathable surfaces at certain areas where required. These surfaces are sculpted with gentle curves which soften the quality of the interiors. White marbles, walnut wood and light grey fabrics are used throughout the house to complement the beech wood, creating luxurious and comfortable spaces for each member of the household. The family room is furnished with more eclectic funiture to evoke a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. The "skin" concept extends to the bathrooms where the skin becomes the protective layer between the inside and the outside, allowing the water closet area to be completed naturally ventilated, open to the exteriors. An inner core comprising the wash basin and the shower is more private and is wrapped in a singular finish based on the individual's preference. A screen shields the powder room from an aquarium tank, allowing glimpses of the aquarium while providing the necessary privacy.

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