Parvis Apartment

Size: 90 sqm
Status: Completed 2013

The owners of the brand new 2-bedroom condominium are a young couple with two children, and had only one requirement: to provide lots of storage. The challenge of this project is to integrate sufficient storage spaces into the small unit without having cupboards which tend to look bulky resulting in the space feeling smaller.

The existing apartment is brand new and has a beautifully finished interior that consists of marble and timber flooring. To minimize the cost of renovation and the difficulties of finding matching marble tiles, we chose not to demolish any walls and to keep the renovation works as simple additions overlaid onto the existing place. The design challenge to us is also how we could we make a standard layout more interesting.

Our solution to the storage issue is to create feature walls with concealed storage within. This is done with the TV wall, back wall of the dining bench as well as the bed head in the master bedroom. These walls are cladded with timber or fabric, which are materials typically used with feature walls. These areas are then maximized in size to provide maximum storage spaces. The edging detail of the storage walls are carefully designed to make the storage walls appear flat. Typical cupboard handles are omitted from the cabinets and the doors are open using ‘tic-tac’ systems. These design details make the cupboard ‘disappear’ and the cupboards add rather than subtract to the space.

The unit has a large balcony which overlooks a landscaped area below and lush trees beyond. We borrowed this view to create a garden-like space at the balcony through the use of the artificial turf which filled the entire space. This creates the effect of extending the landscape right up to the doorstep of this high-rise apartment. A hanging chair is placed there for the owner to relax and enjoy the and sounds This lush green turf also doubles up as a soft play mat for the children to play on.