PNG Hair

Size:    approx 500 sqft
Status: Completed 2013

This is the second PNG Hair shop. The original PNG shop is a herbal hair treatment shop. This second shop is expanded to include a hair salon component. Because of the difference in the clientele and the services, we wanted to separate the treatment and salon components as much as possible, creating "two shops in one shop". We achieved this by creating a symmetrical plan, with the salon and treatment areas at the opposite ends. An open front area with the reception counter acts as a welcoming foyer area for both the treatment and salon areas. The central space contains the shared facilities such as the hair washing stations, private discussion area and storage/services. Each zone is clearly demarcated by timber or white flooring, and these are precisely calibrated to align with the existing glass panels of the shop front. A series of screens and translucent curtains provide the necessary privacy for the customers, without hiding completely the activities of the shop from potential customers.