The Lawn @ Biopolis

Area:        160 sqm
Status:     Completed 2012

The Lawn is a specialty grill and salad café nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Biopolis.

Drawing inspiration from its name and the site, images of what the lawn conjures were explored: a place to relax, have fun, be yourself, hanging out with friends, picnic, a place with plants. A brand identity which is fun, casual, relaxing and quirky is proposed.

In the Biopolis master plan designed by architect Zaha Hadid, an undulating landscape strip flows between the dynamic building forms. The Lawn is sited next to this green strip. The design proposal seeks to bring this dynamic green from the outside into the café itself, blurring the boundaries between exterior and interior. 

The front elevation comprises a yellow balau timber cladded wall with the grill station prominently placed in the middle as the focal point. The “lawn” begins as an astroturf from outside and carries on in the interior as a green carpeted platform, which forms the ‘picnic’ zone. The carpet bends to form seats, alluding one to the experience of relaxing on a grass turf.

Loose elements such as plywood cut-outs, sloping bench, kerosene lamps as a feature lights and even quirky quotes are used to strengthen The Lawn’s brand identity

Designing for a start-up firm comprising two young partners with a super-tight budget presented a huge but interesting challenge for us. By working with the client’s contacts for timber and steel, we were able to capitalize on the use of these materials for the overall design. Second-hand furniture was purchased, restored and ‘kopitiam’ wooden stools were painted in shades of white and black to lend a quirky feel. The clients even managed to source for the kerosene lamps at the local army market for a bargain price, after which these were creatively put together as a prominent lighting feature.