Tiara Apartment

Size: 125 sqm
Status:   Completed 2014

The owners are a couple with two young children. They wanted to reinstate the kitchen and one bedroom which they had originally knocked down during their earlier renovation. The husband is a pilot and the wife plans to work from home. They also own a baby grand piano that currently sits in the living room.
Our design seeks to reinstate these rooms without compromising the quality of the spaces. The first problem is to fit the piano, living area and dining area into a space that can hardly accommodate all three nicely. We relocated the piano to the main entrance, freeing up the main space for properly sized living and dining spaces. This enables us to create a small concealed store behind the TV which serves as a holding area for his luggage/coats etc, items that he currently leaves near the entrance area. We also explored the use of curves in this project for two reasons: the first being a visual response to the curves of the grand piano, and the second is to create child friendly spaces by omitting sharp corners. Each curve wall serves a different function, the TV wall conceals the holding area behind, the kitchen curve wall conceals the fridge, the study room has a curve glass wall that has the home office behind, and the master bathroom has a curve wall that begins as the TV wall and ends as a wall concealing the WC behind. Each of these curve walls are also designed to make the space feel continuous from one space to the next, creating the illusion of spaciousness. To further enable the supervision of their children, the home office has a glass window providing the mother a “look out” point.