Status: In production

The design explores how the chair can be reduced to its quintessential form so that anything present is necessary for function and for comfort. Our aim is to create a chair that as minimal as possible without compromising on stability and comfort, and in turn to allow more openness and to create a sense of space and lightness.
For inspiration we looked at one of the earliest forms of wooden furniture and the precursor of modern day chair: the basic 3 legged stool. The stool exemplifies simplicity and yet provides stability. Every part of the basic stool serves a function. The design of this chair explores the use of three-point support instead of the conventional four-point support, thereby it gets its name: the Tripod Chair.
The back rest and the armrest are important components of a chair that we wanted to retain in order to maintain a comfortable seating experience. The backrest, armrest and legs are a continuous curved form, further reducing the number of parts in this chair. A single spine supports the back rest and extends to become the last leg which supports the chair. A T-joint underneath the upholstered seat supports the base of the seat and at the same time stiffens the entire structure.
The tactility of wood is chosen to enhance the sculptural lines of the design. Sculpted and moulded, cross-sections transition gracefully from legs to armrest and back rests. In this case, the sum of its parts merge seamlessly to form an integrated whole.
The Tripod Chair fits comfortably in both rectangular and circular tables, with its rounded seat and front legs pulled slightly back. The size is kept trim to prevent the chairs from occupying too much space, and in turn giving back to users more space.

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